About Colnbrook Village Hall

Colnbrook Village Hall is a community facility based in the village of Colnbrook, Berkshire ideally located to the west of London and just 5 minutes from Heathrow Airport. The venue also benefits from an adjacent free public car park, accommodating up to 46 cars (please note the car park has a height restriction and is not suitable for commercial vehicles/vans)

As well as providing a venue for a number of regular community activities, the hall and meeting rooms are available for hire both by individuals or by commercial organisations.

Please note that we do NOT accept 16th, 18th or 21st birthday party bookings under any circumstances

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TUESDAYS: Excluding 1st Tuesday of the month from 8pm onwards

SATURDAYS: Available for private parties

SUNDAYS: Available from 1:30pm for private parties

MONDAY - FRIDAY: Small meeting room (Room 1) available for up to 16 people for small meetings and training courses

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Registered Charity Number: 1003725
Colnbrook Village Hall,
Vicarage Way, Colnbrook,
SL3 0RF.

Public Notice
25th August 2016
To: All Residents of the Parish of Colnbrook with Poyle
Notice of Annual General Meeting Colnbrook Village Hall Trust:
The meeting will take place on Thursday 15th September 2016, at the Colnbrook Village Hall, Vicarage Way, Colnbrook, Berkshire.
The meeting will commence at 6.30 pm.
All residents of the Parish of Colnbrook with Poyle over the age of 18 are invited to attend and take part in the Annual General Meeting of Colnbrook Village Hall Trust
and to vote in the election of new trustees.

The agenda will include a report of the business and activities of the Hall and the presentation of the Annual Accounts for the year ending 30th April 2016.
The Trust Committee consists of ten elected members and the appointed representatives of approximately fourteen specified eligible locally involved organisations.
Nominations may be submitted for elected members in advance to CVHT
c/o Ray Angell (Chair) 15, Winchester Close, Colnbrook, Berkshire, SL3 0PS,
or may be made at the meeting.
The local organisations eligible for representation should ensure that their representatives are appointed in time for approval at the Annual General Meeting.
The Chairman may, at his discretion, permit those attending the AGM to put to the meeting positive points or questions which may be considered of benefit to the trust and its objectives.
Light refreshments will be available
after completion of the business of the meeting.

Ray Angell, Chairman, Colnbrook Village Hall Trust